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Dental Loupes Eyeglasses Bracket Headband Interchangeable
-50 %
Brand: Chinese Model: Dental Loupes Eyeglasses Bracket Headband Interchangeable
Description:-Glasses bracket can be changed to headband for comfortable and tight wearing.Product Includes 5 Single-Plate Lenses with magnification: 1.0x 1.5x 2.0x 2.5x 3.5xLenses size are 9.5 cm x 3 cm.Nose bridge holder, Lens angle and LED Light source angle can be adjusted.Uses 3 AAA Batteries fo..
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Ex Tax:र 1,786
Brand: Chinese Model: Dental Straight Handpiece
Dental handpiece Straight handpieceType:Dental Handpiece ChineseColor: SilverSpeed range 18,000-22,000 rpmISO Color Coded mark with ISO tip sizeUsing automated production, product quality is stable ..
र 1,400
Ex Tax:र 1,250
Brand: Chinese Model: Dental Tooth Shape Mirrors
Dental Tooth Shape Mirrors Perfect for the Dentist to Show Unique way to add in your Professionalism...
र 200
Ex Tax:र 200
Brand: Chinese Model: Dental Vibrator
Dental Vibrator For Clinical and Laboratorical use. A clinically gadget to settle the Diestone and Green Stone in models.Variable speed control knob.110v 60Hz US Specification.Non-slip table top.Alias : Vibrator, dental instrument, dental lab instrument...
र 3,800
Ex Tax:र 3,393
Endo Box Plastic
-67 %
Brand: Chinese Model: Endo Box Plastic
Endo box is Multi-functional product.It has color coded silicon cups for Gutta Percha Points and Paper Points Storage space for your burs/files/reamers/finger spreaders.Made of high grade plastic..
र 150 र 448
Ex Tax:र 134
Fiber Post
-69 %
Brand: Chinese Model: Fiber Post
The main reason is mechanical properties. Fiber posts simply behave and perform differently.1, In addition to the obvious esthetic advantages, fiber posts cannot corrode, like base metals (including stainless steel) can.2, Because the stiffness (Elastic Modulus) of fiber posts is like the tooth stru..
र 125 र 400
Ex Tax:र 112
Fiber Post With Drills
-55 %
Brand: Chinese Model: Fiber Post With Drills
1 Pack Dental High-intensity Quartz Straight Pile Fiber Resin Post 4 Drills New glassPacking List in Each box:012     5 pieces014     5 pieces016     5 pieces018     5 piecesDrills  4 piecesHigh-intensity quartz tiber resin post has a ..
र 500 र 1,120
Ex Tax:र 446
Fluoride Tray
-26 %
Brand: Chinese Model: Fluoride Tray
DescriptionFor the application of fluoride gel and foam. Deep tray well for full coverage of interproximal and occlusal areas to gingival line. Closed cell 4 pound foam assures good, strong rigidity - increases patient comfort while minimizing gagging reflex. Convenient, flexible handles simplify fi..
र 500 र 672
Ex Tax:र 446
Brand: Chinese Model: Galilean Surgical Dental Loupes 2.5x Magnification
Galilean Surgical Loupes is very popular applied to Dental, Plastics, Neurologocal, Opthalmalogy, Otorhinolaryngology, also can be used for Electronic and Industry.These Dental Lopues is Produced by high quality optical glass material with muil-coating. It can supply large field of views and deep de..
र 4,480
Ex Tax:र 4,000
Glass Bead Sterlizer
-30 %
Brand: Chinese Model: Glass Bead Sterlizer
The Glass bead sterilizer is a sterilizer for endodontic equipment where the heat is transmitted to the instruments, absorbent points, or cotton pellets by means of glass beads. Glass Bead Sterilizer supplied by us is available in a portable size and has high levels of efficiency in steril..
र 750 र 1,067
Ex Tax:र 670
Gutta Cutter
-66 %
Brand: Chinese Model: Gutta Cutter
G.P. Cutter or Gutta Cutter to cut G.P. Points.Package Including:1 pc A-Blade Gutta Cutter + 4 Pcs Tips...
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Ex Tax:र 893
High Arch Plastic Articulator
Out Of Stock
Brand: Chinese Model: High Arch Plastic Articulator
Chinese made Top Quality Simple High Arch Plastic Articulator ..
र 100
Ex Tax:र 89
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