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Brand: Ivoclar-Vivadent Model: 4 All Metal
4all is a nickel-chromium ceramic alloy. Its mechanical and physical properties have been coordinated with conventional feldspar ceramics.AdvantagesGood melting and flow propertiesEasy to divestReduced hardnessWorks with conventional feldspar ceramicsCertified biocompatibilityIndicationsSingle crown..
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Ex Tax:र 8,095
Brand: RUBY Model: MAX BOND Nickel - Chromium Alloys Metal
Description: Risk to generate bubble or crack in forming porcelain is reduced by manufacturing products based on vacuum melting furnace.With the heat distortion resistance excellent enough to prevent distortion in porcelain forming, prosthesis with good compatibility is provided.By easier grind..
र 5,800
Ex Tax:र 4,915
Brand: RUBY Model: MAX WHITE A Nickel - Chromium Alloys Metal
Description: Easy melting for reliable casting.Minimal casting shrinkage due to excellent biocompatibility to oral cavity.Easy cutting and polishingSuperior corrosion and discoloration resistance in the oral cavity.Elegant platinum-color luster finish.Physical Properties:Liquidus Point - 1420°C..
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Ex Tax:र 2,797
Brand: DFS Model: NDN Alloy - Nickel Chrome
NDN - nickel chrome Bonding alloy for crown and bridge workCharacteristics:Density: 8,4 g/cm3Melting range: 1313-1350 °CCasting temperature: 1500 °CPre heating temperature of the mould: 900-950 °CCoefficient of expansion (20-600°C)CTE: 14,1 µm/mKVickers hardness: 194 HV10Elongation at rupture: 16 %T..
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Brand: Zahnsply Model: Nickel Chromium Beryllium Free Metal
The main Uses : Crown for dental metal-ceramic restorations short span bridgePackaging : 1000g..
र 5,500 र 6,500
Ex Tax:र 4,661
Brand: Dentsply Model: STAR LOY N
Description:The new metal Starloy N is the perfect supplement for other members of the StarLoy lineStarLoy N is very easy to finish and mill thanks to its reduced hardness, added to its excellent mechanical properties, this alloy is characterized by its versatility. This alloy can be covered by Star..
र 7,800 र 8,350
Ex Tax:र 6,964
Brand: Bego Model: Wirocer Plus Alloy
DescriptionNickel-chrome metal-to-ceramic alloy – beryllium-freeTried and tested alloy from BEGO – inexpensive thanks to an optimised manufacturing processLow hardness – easy and time-saving finishingNormal cooling – for economical veneeringHigh wearing comfort for the patient thanks to the low ther..
र 8,000
Ex Tax:र 6,780
Brand: Bego Model: Wiron 99 Alloy
DescriptionNon-precious alloy for metal-ceramic work or composite veneering - beryllium-freeBiocompatible, proven worldwide and reliable for over 25 years.Extremely high resistance to corrosion.Low thermal conductivity.High modulus of elasticity.Great strength with any practical span length.The low ..
र 27,500 र 29,000
Ex Tax:र 23,305
Brand: Bego Model: Wironit Alloy
DescriptionStandard partial denture alloy for clasp denturesSuccessful all over the world since 1953.No permanent deformation in clasps.Easy to activate.Presentation:Packaging - 1000g..
र 16,000 र 18,000
Ex Tax:र 13,559
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