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Alu Wax
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Alu Wax
ALUWAX dental wax is a sophisticated composite material which contains powdered aluminum…to increase the integrity of the compound and provide the heat retention properties needed for efficient modeling.  Frankly, we've found that other materials, such as copper-based waxes, just don’t retain h..
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Articulating Papers
Articulating Papers MDM  - Articulating paper is soft, smooth, non-sticking surface super sensitive for marking at every point of articulation. Use even in wet areas.Packaging :- 20 Books in 1 Box1 Book contains 10 Strips Blue and 10 Strips Red - Pricing Displayed is for One Book..
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Blue Inlay Wax
INDICATIONBlue inlay wax is used making patterns metallic restorations, inlays, crown and bridges.PACKING  : 20 STICKS PER PACKAlias : dental wax, waxes, bite registration wax, blue wax, MDM wax, MDM...
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Carving Wax Blocks
White Carving WaxIdeal wax blocks specially developed to provide dentistry and dental technicians a wax suitable for carving most intricate models.Indications:For modeling various tooth formsSmall modeling techniques in jeweler's workshopComposition:Blend of Hydrocarbon WaxesColorant & Excipient..
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: CERASEP - Ceramic Seperator
Ceramic Seperator ( CERASEP ) used to seperate porcelain from model while build up. Works like Picosep. Same quality as of Picosep. Tested by Laboratory.Quantity - 70 m.l...
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Cold Mold Seal
INDICATIONAlginate based cold mold seal is used to keep the material separate from the plaster.PACKING : 100ML..
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Dental Beading Wax
Properties & Advantages:It is sticky enough to easily adapt at the periphery or edge of alginate impression by hand pressure.It creates the base of the cast and preserves the outer portion of the cast.Packaging:It comes in the pack of 12 strips wrapped in non adhesive silicone paper to facilitat..
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Dental Impression Composition
Red color thermoplastic impression material in the form of round plates/cakes to take primary impression in edentulous cases.Indications:Correction to modelsRaising the edges of the impressionFor primary impression in edentulous cases before preparing special trayComposition:ResinTalcColorant & ..
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Dental Modelling Wax
Modeling Wax For Prosthetics Sheet of pink / red wax for modelling denture bases and acrylic saddleIndications:Vestibular parts of wax models of removable denturesPre-forms of jacket crownsModelling of acrylic saddle supporting the teethFor occlusal registration ( Bite Blocks)Manufacturing of spacer..
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Dental Shellac Base Plate
High quality natural shellac base plates used as an intermediate in making prosthesisIndications:Custom impression trays for impressions of edentulous jaws.Manufacturing of wax bite registration templates.Modeling work.Composition:Shellac.Talcum.Stearic Acid.Colorant and excipients.Product Benefits:..
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Dentiro Active
We offer Y-Dents Dentiro Active which are made up for natural gums. Our Y-Dents Dentiro Active has excellent sticking capacity and can be applied easily by sprinkling on a wet denture and fixing in the mouth. Y-Dent Dentiro active more powerful and active upto 10 hours or more..available in pippermi..
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Brand: MDM CORP. Model: Dentiro Denture Adhesive
We offer Y-Dents Dentiro which are made up for natural gums. Our Y-Dents Dentiro has excellent sticking capacity and can be applied easily by sprinkling on a wet denture and fixing in the mouth. Dentiro is packaged in a 15 gms each...
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