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Brand: DETAX Model: Deta-Cut
Deta-Cut Silicone CutterCharacteristics:Curved silicone cutter for fast cutting of thin, even grooves in silicone-based prints.Product information:Contents: 1 unitManufacturer: DETAXManufacturer reference: 02323..
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DETASEAL Tray Adhesive Rapid
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Brand: DETAX Model: DETASEAL Tray Adhesive Rapid
For adhesion of addition curing impression materials to plastic, metal and individual trays, fast drying (approx. 1-2 min.).Colour: orange-transparentPackaging: 15ml..
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Brand: DETAX Model: Esthetic Mask Automix
Flexible, A-silicone-based, to produce dental technological master and saw models, cold-curing, dimensionally stable, tear-resistant and very elastic. Easy and comfortable to process. For a natural, aesthetic gingival aspect, problem-free function.Physical data:processing time approx. 2 min; setting..
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Brand: DETAX Model: Gingivamoll - Silicon Based Epithetic Material
Silicone based epithetic material, heat-curing, for the fabrication of flexible gingival epithesis as a temporary replacement for the receded gingiva – after periodontal treatment.For the correction of aesthetic and phonetic insufficiencies and after implantations, clinically tested...
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Good Morning Spray
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Brand: DETAX Model: Good Morning Spray
100 ml...
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Implant Mask - Special Silicon
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Brand: DETAX Model: Implant Mask - Special Silicon
Addition curing special silicone for manufacturing flexible gingival masks for implant procedures. Free-flowing, dimensionally stable, tear-resistant. Flows evenly around impression coping with free-flowing properties. Very high elasticity allows repositioning as required. Very easily milled with hi..
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ITOPOL for cobalt-chromium alloys and Ni Cr alloys.. High gloss polishing paste, non-greasy, water-soluble and non-smearingPackaging: 650gm..
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Molloplast B - Heat Cure Soft Reliner
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Brand: DETAX Model: Molloplast B - Heat Cure Soft Reliner
Description: Detax Molloplast B Soft Reliner is a permanent soft reliner-silicone based material for processing in dental laboratories.  Improved bonding to new and old denture base acrylics. Optimised consistency due to new vacum filling technique. Resisting the influences of the oral env..
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Mollosil - Cold Cure Soft Reliner
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Brand: DETAX Model: Mollosil - Cold Cure Soft Reliner
Long-term relining material for chairside use, A-silicone based, permanently soft, cold curing. Secure bonding to the denture acrylic. For manual mixing, mixing ratio 1:1. Also suitable for immediate dentures. Biocompatible, taste- and odourless. Also suitable for application with the indirect techn..
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PERMALINER - Heal Cure Silicone
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Brand: DETAX Model: PERMALINER - Heal Cure Silicone
Std. Pack : Jar 30 gm...
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Brand: DETAX Model: Primo Adhesive 15ml.
Grinding sleeves For smoothing and removing of uneven spots and for final finishing of permanent soft relining materials and silicones. Cutters & pre-polishers For optimal trimming of permanent soft, silicone based relinings. No smear effect during cutting, negligent heat development thus no sep..
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Xynon Spray
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Brand: DETAX Model: Xynon Spray
Liquid insulating agent.Insulates plaster, resin, metal and porcelain from wax/ceramicUse brush for application.Packaging:100 ml bottleAlias : Dental ceramic, ceramic sprays, ceramic detax spray, xynon ceramic spray, porcelain, crowns, PFM crown, ceramic, Dental ceramic powders, detax spray, insulat..
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