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NDN Alloy - Nickel Chrome DFS by Dental Trade Mart

NDN Alloy - Nickel Chrome DFS by Dental Trade Mart

NDN - nickel chrome Bonding alloy for crown and bridge work


Density: 8,4 g/cm3

Melting range: 1313-1350 °C

Casting temperature: 1500 °C

Pre heating temperature of the mould: 900-950 °C

Coefficient of expansion (20-600°C)

CTE: 14,1 µm/mK

Vickers hardness: 194 HV10

Elongation at rupture: 16 %

Tensile strength: 546 N/mm2 Yield strength: 309 N/mm2 E-modulus: 172.000 N/mm2

Chemical compound: Ni 62%, Cr 24,50 % Mo 11.00% Si 1,70 % Fe 0.5% Traces: Co, C

Packaging : 1000g

Product NameNDN Alloy
Made inGermany
UseDental Lab for metal Frame Work of Nickel-chrome
CategoryNickel Chrome
Packaging1000 g
Warranty / Guarantee100% Genuine product
Shipping Time2-3 Working Days
Payment ModeCredit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, Cash on Delivery

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