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Brand: DMG Model: Constic
Self- etching, self adhesive flowable compositeINDICATIONS:Small restorations of class I and small occlusal primary tooth cavitiesFissure sealingsBase lining of class I and II restorationsBlocking out and filling of undercutsADVANTAGES:Self-etching and self-adhesiveFaster, easier and more efficient ..
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Contax Intro Kit
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Brand: DMG Model: Contax Intro Kit
Self-etching and self-conditioning adhesive systemIndications:Light-curing adhesive system for light-cured composites, compomers to be used on enamel and dentine. By adding the Contax-Activator the adhesive system can be used with all self-and dual-curing restorative materials, but still has to be l..
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Honigum Mono
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Brand: DMG Model: Honigum Mono
One-step precisionPrecise reproduction of the preparation lineFinest surface detailsLower final hardnessBalanced hydrophilicityVPS-based mono-phase impression materialHonigum-Mono was specially developed for mono-phase technique to facilitate high precision impressions in only one step.Specifically ..
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Honigum Putty
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Brand: DMG Model: Honigum Putty
The VPS based Impression materialStays where you need it and FlowableWhen you want itINDICATION :Crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions all types of pickup impressions, e.g. for implantsADVANTAGES :Honigum- Putty Hand Mix-Unique Snap-Set technology (long working time and short tim..
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Brand: DMG Model: ICON
Icon: Smooth Surface Vestibular - Intro Kit - 2 Treatment UnitsWith Icon Smooth Surface, white spots on smooth tooth surfaces can be aesthetically masked.How does this infiltration work?Air and water entrapments caused by the caries process have a lower light refraction index than healthy tissue. Th..
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Brand: DMG Model: Ionosit
Ionosit-BaselinerINDICATION:Underfilling material for composite,Amalgam and ceramic restorations and for blocking out undercuts.ADVANTAGES:Unique compensation for composite polymerization shrinkage stress through controlled expansionFluoride releaseAntibacterial propertiesNo complicated handmixingPr..
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Brand: DMG Model: LUXABITE
LuxaBite is a bis-acrylic based self-mixing bite registration material. It offers barely discernible resistance to the jaw occlusion of the patient. As such, a reliable bite registration of the occlusion is guaranteed. A detailed recording of the occlusal relief and the high end hardness simplify th..
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Brand: DMG Model: LuxaBond
The Perfect Partner for all indirect techniques.This three-component system hardness with and without light and is therefore particularly well-suited for indirect techniques such as challenging cementations of root posts and core build-ups, as well as veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. The..
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LuxaCore Automix Dual
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Brand: DMG Model: LuxaCore Automix Dual
Description:The LuxaCore Dual is a revolutionary dual-cure version of LuxaCore, the original one-step automix core build-up material. LuxaCore Dual gives you a choice: light-cure in as little 20 seconds for maximum speed or allow the material to self-cure for increased working time. Either way you g..
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Luxacore Z
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Brand: DMG Model: Luxacore Z
Core build –ups closer to nature than ever before.INDICATION :Core build-up, post cementation.ADVANTAGES :Better than most : Incorporates Zerconia with Patented DMG Nano technology. Each zerconia particle is independent of each other.Smooth preparation : Dentine-like cuttability.Optimal adaptation :..
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Brand: DMG Model: LuxaCrown
Long-lasting crowns made easy - with DMG’s LuxaCrown.Description:The new LuxaCrown allows for the simple, quick and cost-effective manufacture of long-lasting crowns – directly chairside. The result is an incredible precision-fit, an esthetic and long-lasting restoration: These can be worn for up to..
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Brand: DMG Model: LuxaForm
No mixingNo tray requiredStable under storage conditionsNo smear layer on bisacryl temporariesOdorlessQuick impressions for fabricating temporariesThe easiest and most time-saving thermoplastic impression material for temporary restorations that ever existed! The tablets are simply warmed in wa..
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