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Brand: ICPA Model: Canogel
EDTA Lubricant for Root CanalProduct DescriptionCanogel contains 17% EDTA with 10% carbamide peroxide in water-soluble gel base for use in chemical and mechanical cleansing of root canal preparation. It lubricates the root canal and chelates the calcium salts to facilitate endodontic instrument pene..
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Clinsodent Denture Cleanser Brush Clinsodent Denture Cleanser Brush
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Brand: ICPA Model: Clinsodent Denture Cleanser Brush
Hygienically designed – No seams where dirt can get trapped. 2 types of nylon bristles designed to clean all surfaces and grooves. Contoured design – Maximises control of brushing. Ambidexterity – Works in right or left hand...
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Brand: ICPA Model: Clinsodent Denture Cleanser Powder
Composition:Active ingredients: Potassium persulphate, Sodium perborateInactive ingredients: Sodium carbonate, Sodium sulphate, Trisodium phosphate, Sulphamic acid, Tetra Potassium Pyro Phosphate, EDTA, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Peppermint powder etc.Purpose of individual ingredients:The peroxygen com..
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Clinsodent Denture Cleanser Tablets
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Brand: ICPA Model: Clinsodent Denture Cleanser Tablets
Composition:Each uncoated tablet contains Sodium perborate monohydrate 480mg. Mode of action: Specially formulated to clean all water insoluble residues from dentures that other cleansers may not remove. Clinsodents powerful antibacterial formula kills germs that causes odor and plaque. Th..
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Brand: ICPA Model: Covid Protective Covirub Hand Sanitizer
Composition:Ethanol IP 70% v/v (Denatured with 0.5% acetone)Purified water IP q.s.Color:CarmoisineMicrobicidal hand rub with emollient and moisturizer.Indications:Hand RubSkin CleanserCleaning of wounds, Abrasions, Minor cutsBarrier NursingDirections for use:Use undiluted for hand asepsis. Take suff..
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Brand: ICPA Model: Covid Protective SHYLD Hand Sanitizer
Composition:Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution I. P. 2.5% v/v equlvalent to chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.5% w/v, Ethyl alcohol IP 70% v/v Aqueous base q.s.Color:CarmoisinePerfume:Eau de CologneIndications:Hand RubSkin CleanserCleaning of wounds, Abrasions, Minor cutsBarrier NursingDirections:Use undilute..
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Brand: ICPA Model: Dental Gel Toothpaste For Kids
Composition: Foaming fluoridated toothpaste Available fluoride 500 ppm when packed.Use: Aids in the prevention of dental caries, specially designed for kids.1. Offers 500ppm of fluoride –ensures effective caries prevention .2. Provides good foaming and long lasting freshness.3. Yummy strawberry mint..
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Brand: ICPA Model: Fixon Cream
Available in fresh strawberry flavourFixon cream holds dentures securely and comfortable all day longFixon cream comes in a convenient formula to enhance complianceFixon cream seals out food particles and prevents them from going underneath the denture surface Fixon cream gives the denture pati..
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Brand: ICPA Model: Fixon Denture Adhesive
Denture adhesive powderHighlights:Even well fitting dentures should be adhered to the oral mucosa, to ensure confidence to the denture user, without the fear of dentures becoming loose during eating, speaking, laughing, etc. Denture adhesive powder like Fixon effectively serves the purpose. Fix..
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HALYX Fresh Breath Kit HALYX Fresh Breath Kit
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Brand: ICPA Model: HALYX Fresh Breath Kit
Bad breath or Halitosis can affect one’s self-esteem. Maintaining a good oral hygiene is a must to prevent bad breath and keep germs at bay. It is essential to brush the teeth twice daily followed by flossing, tongue cleaning, and mouthwash. ICPA introduces India’s first fresh breath kit to fight ba..
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Brand: ICPA Model: Hexidine Mouthwash
Composition:Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution I.P. diluted to Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.2% w/v in a pleasantly flavoured base. Mode of action:Bacterial plaque produces irritants, which cause gingivitis and periodontitis, ultimately leading to loss of teeth. Chemical control of plaque is achieved..
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Brand: ICPA Model: Hexidine-EP Mouthwash
Composition: Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution I.P. dilute to Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% W/V in Pleasantly Flavored aqueous base. COLOR: Brilliant Blue & Tartrazine yellow Indications: Prevention of plaque in absence of brushingPrevention and treatment of gingivitisTre..
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