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Description:The Dentocore is not too viscous, not to liquid.Advantages:Dual (self- and light-curing) Polymerization guaranteed, even in the areas which are unreachable with the LED curing unit light.Rubbery phase allows for removal of excess materialEnhanced mechanical properties of conventional Bis..
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DentoCrown DentoCrown
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Brand: ITENA Model: DentoCrown
Dentocrown is a fluorescent cold polymerising paste-paste system for the production of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. Dentocrown consists of base paste and catalyst paste.Making of: Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, OnlaysHints & TipsIt is possible to rebase DentoCrown. 2 ways:Remove the v..
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DENTOLIC - Glass Fiber Post Refills
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Brand: ITENA Model: DENTOLIC - Glass Fiber Post Refills
IndicationsOptimal cosmetic solution for prosthetic restorations\Single ceramic restorations incorporating glass-fiber posts in the laboratoryDirect restorations with glass-fiber postAdvantagesElasticity modulus similar to dentineFavourable constraint: deformation ratio for the tooth. Homogenous dis..
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DentoTemp DentoTemp
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Brand: ITENA Model: DentoTemp
DentoTemp can be mixed with a small amount of petroleum jelly to reduce its retention A Furrer plier is particularly adept to removing temporary elements DentoTemp binds to the inside of the temporary crown. Resealing the temporary element is easy with the addition of extra DentoTemp For a temporary..
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IPERBOND Ultra Universal Adhesive
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Brand: ITENA Model: IPERBOND Ultra Universal Adhesive
Description:Iperbond is a Universal AdhesiveIndications:Unprepared enamelSclerotic dentineLarge enamel areasCeramic fracture repairsCavities with low retentionPost cementationAdvantages:Excellent results: repeatedly reliable bonding to enamel and dentineLow evaporation: no acetone solvent for better..
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Perfect Polish - Diamond Polishers Perfect Polish - Diamond Polishers
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Brand: ITENA Model: Perfect Polish - Diamond Polishers
Description:For use on: CompositeCompomersGlass ionomersAdvantagesExcellent quality of polishing and shine in just one stepCan be sterilized in an autoclave with no alterationCompatible with all decontamination productCan be used 3 to 4 timesPolishers made of silicone reinforced with diamond po..
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Description:Self-etching Light cured, pit & fissure sealant with fluoride release.IndicationsUse of the self-etching technique for the preventive sealing of pits of permanent teeth in patients presenting a raised risk of developing cavities.For pits and fissures that are particularly sensitive t..
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Pure Office Whitening Kit Pure Office Whitening Kit
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Brand: ITENA Model: Pure Office Whitening Kit
Use:35% H.P In Office Whitening KitHints & TipsTo keep your teeth white after treatment, here are some tips to follow:Brush your teeth and use dental flossHave your teeth regularly cleaned by your dentistAvoid tobacco, coffee and tea which can stain your teethDrink a glass of water after consumi..
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Description:For bonding of all filling materials, dual core builds up, compomers, resin cements, crowns, bridges, inlays and onlaysMade from an acidic water based self-etching primer and a light-cured adhesiveFeatures:Delivers high bonding values to both dentine and enamelDissolves the smear layer, ..
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Reflectys Flow - Universal Flow Composite
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Brand: ITENA Model: Reflectys Flow - Universal Flow Composite
Description:Reflectys flow:Filling of minor invasive preparations with carious lesionsSurface fillings of Class I, III and VLiners combined with high viscosity composite materialsMarginal repairs to current composite fillings or inlaysReinforcement of teeth after traumatic event or with weakened per..
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Brand: ITENA Model: Total C-Ram
Description:TotalC-Ram is dedicated to permanent cementation of: crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and posts.Specially formulated for ceramic, porcelain, zirconiaFeatures:All in one ! Etching + primer + bonding + cementExceptional bonding strengthDual curing (light- or self-curing) Guaranteed..
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Brand: ITENA Model: TotalCem
For cementation of: crowns bridges posts inlays & onlaysSelf-adhesive on: enamel, dentine, metal ceramic, porcelain, zirconium composites “Finally, a self-etching/self-bonding cement where you can almost feel the low film thickness and that your restorations are seating compl..
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