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.02 Taper G.P. Points
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: .02 Taper G.P. Points
Gutta Percha Points- Time saving with easy filling- For faster and easier root canal obturation- Variable tapers & sizes- Length marking availableSpecification: Stiff but flexible to provide ideal working qualitiesUniform and non-distorting crimpExcellent radiopacityLong shelf life and fres..
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.02 Taper P.P. Points
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: .02 Taper P.P. Points
Paper Points- Highly absorbent- Sterilized individual packages- Variety sizes and packages available- Color codedAvailable PackagingSliding Type Dispenser Regular Packing Points : 180/200 Dimension: 70*45*12(mm)..
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ADSEAL Resin based root canal sealerApplicationsPermanent root canal sealingThermal ObturationCompositionBase-Epoxy Oligomer resin, Ethylene glycol salicylate, Bismuth subcarbonateCatalyst-Poly butanediol aminobenzoate, Calcium Phosphate, Bismuth SubcarbnateAdvantagesExcellent biocompatibilityEasy t..
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Aurum Blue - Controlled Memory File
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: Aurum Blue - Controlled Memory File
AdvantagesUnique Manufacturing ProcessDue to the unique heat and surface treatment during manufacturing, Aurum Blue files offer maximum flexibility without compromising strengthSuper Flexible AlloySignificantly reduces the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation of a canalBendabilityEasier ac..
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: Biner LC
Light curing type cavity linerApplicationsProtect pulp of the toothLining under all filling materialsProtection when applying the total etch techniqueCompositionHydroxy calcium phosphate, UDMA, PhotoinitatorBarium aluminium silicateAdvantagesExcellent biocompatibility with dentin and pulpLight curin..
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CeraSeal - Root Canal Sealer CeraSeal - Root Canal Sealer
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: CeraSeal - Root Canal Sealer
Meta CeraSeal RC Sealer is the second generation of bioceramic sealers, which has extraordinary insulator capabilities.ADVANTAGES:Excellent Sealing AbilityMoisture in the dentinal tubules and Calcium Silicate’s chemical reaction produce crystallization of Calcium HydroxideCeraSeal is perfectly and f..
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DM Bone
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: DM Bone
Synthetic Resorbable MaterialApplications1. Periodontal Defects2. Intrabony Defects3. Ridge augmentation4. Extraction sites (Implant preparation/ placement)5. Sinus Lift6. CysticAdvantages1. Silicon ion Containing porous Hydroxyapatite(Si-Content:Avg.0.6 wt%)2. Optimum balance between HA and TCP in ..
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: E&Q Master Cordless Gutta Percha Obturator
The E&Q Master has the same battery charging system as the mobile phoneIt operates at low voltage for users safety.If the battery is discharged during use, you can replace it with an extra battery on standby for continues use.The slim design and simple operation of the E&Q Master will maximi..
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EMS-200 All in One Endo Solutions
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: EMS-200 All in One Endo Solutions
A DREAM MACHINEfor the Real Endodontist in you.Four-in-One (Endo Motor, Apex Locator, Filler & Obturator System)Complete Solution for an EndodontistFeatures:One touch color wide screenCompact & light weightEndo motor & Apex Locator at the same timeOptions to Mount on dental chair or mova..
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Endo Organiser
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: Endo Organiser
Meta Endo Organizer with 400 Paper PointsThe ideal way to organize Endodontic PointsPacked in plastic Endo Organizer package with 12 compartmentsPackage ContentsEndo Organizer with 400 paper points..
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: EQ Condensers
AdvantagesFlexible NiTi tipFlat end & smooth edgeLaser marking (5mm on the tip)Anti-crack & rotation preventionColor anodizingExcellent chemical resistanceLightweightSizes40 NiTi/80 SS50 NiTi/100 SS60 NiTi/ 120 SS(Available individually and in set of 3)..
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Brand: METABIOMED Model: EQ-S Root Canal activator
Rotational & Vertical MovementIndentation along the tip, combined with counter clockwise motion, ensures 3D Active Flow.The unique shape and design of the EQ-S tip create stronger force, which enhances flow in small canals.The EQ-S puts less pressure to the apical foramenEasier access to curved ..
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