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Brand: Mani Model: D Finders Files
Mani Original Endodontic D-Finders Files..
र 370
Ex Tax:र 330
Brand: Mani Model: Diamond Burs
Mani Original Diamond Burs For Crown Preparation.Enlarge the pic to see the detailed chart.The Price is for Each BurKindly Specify the Size and Quantity in Order to avoid delayAlias : Dental burs, Diamond quoted burs, bur, burs, diamond burs, diamond cut bur, mani burs, mani dental, mani original bu..
र 69
Ex Tax:र 62
Brand: Mani Model: Gate Drills 32mm 1~6
Material: Stainless steel Length: 32mm Package: 6pcs/boxSize: 1-6#..
र 487
Ex Tax:र 435
Brand: Mani Model: H Files
Mani Original Endodontic H-Files..
र 240
Ex Tax:र 214
Brand: Mani Model: K Files
Mani Original Endodontic K-Files..
र 285
Ex Tax:र 254
Brand: Mani Model: MANI CEM - Root Cem Viscous
Description:Mani cem root cem viscous is a dual curing, radio-opaque fluorescent and highly abrasion-resistant flowable luting material for the cementation of root pins inlays and onlays, veneers, for both ceramic and composite crown and bridges. Mani cem root cem viscous is also suitable for core b..
र 2,400
Ex Tax:र 2,143
Brand: Mani Model: Peeso Reamers 32mm 1~6
Material: Stainless SteelPackage: 6pcs/boxSize: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1-6#Length: 28, 32mm..
र 487
Ex Tax:र 435
Brand: Mani Model: Pluggers
Mani Nickel Titanium Finger Pluggers are available in sizes 15-40 in 21 and 25 mm lengthsPackaging - 6pcs/box..
र 340
Ex Tax:र 304
Brand: Mani Model: Spreaders
SPREADERS Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finish cutting edges make possible for excellent working characteristics with high ductility.MANI Original 18-8 hard fiber stainless steel prevents corrosion after repeated cleaning and sterilization.Packaging - 6pcs/box..
र 340
Ex Tax:र 304
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