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Brand: Saeshin Model: Brush Less Motor Forte 100
Description:Saeshin Forte 100Features:Lowest noise and vibration, maximal efficiency.Hand/Foot speed control.Key Specifications:Digital DisplayExcellent durabilityErgonomic designDesktop KindTech Info:RPM :max 50,000 rpmTorque :7.8 N.cmInput :100~120, 220~ 240V(50/60Hz)Output :230WWarranty:Manufactu..
र 52,200
Ex Tax:र 46,607
Brand: Saeshin Model: Brush Less Motor Forte 200
Description:Saeshin Forte 200Features:Knee/Hand Foot speed control is optional.Lowest noise and vibration, maximal efficiency.Key Specifications:Knee control typeErgonomically designedExcellent durabilityDigital DisplayTech Info:RPM : max 50,000rpmTorque :7.8 N.cmInput :100~120, 220 ~ 230, 240V(50/6..
र 52,200
Ex Tax:र 46,607
Brand: Saeshin Model: Brush Less Motor Forte 300
Description:Saeshin Forte 300Features:Hand/Foot speed control is optionalKey Specifications:Erogonomic designExcellent durabillityLow noise and VibrationDigital DisplayTech Info:RPM :max 40,000 rpmTorque : 4 N.cmInput : AC100~120V, 220~230, 240V (50/60Hz)Warranty:Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 1 ..
र 38,400
Ex Tax:र 34,286
Brand: Saeshin Model: Brushless E-Type Non-Optic Motor MBP10SX
Saeshin Traus Non-Optic MotorFeatures:BLDC motor (0~40,000rpm) with performance designed by Saeshin s own high technology.Compatable Gear ratio : 1:5, 1:4, 1:1, 16:1, 20:1, 27:1, 32:1, 64:1.E-type motor : TRAUS MBP10SL(SX) followed ISO3964 for standard connectin(BLDC motor -0~40,000rpm).Key Specific..
र 43,400
Ex Tax:र 38,750
Brand: Saeshin Model: Carbon Brush E-Type Sealed Motor
STRONG 108EI (40K)..
र 5,950
Ex Tax:र 5,313
Brand: Saeshin Model: Clinical Micro Motor Set 204-108E
Description:Saeshin Strong Micro Motor Set (204/108E) is a dental micro motor that is used in various dental procedures. The micromotor dental uses range from trimming and polishing removable appliances such as treatment partial dentures and removable orthodontic appliances to an array of other dent..
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Ex Tax:र 4,277
Brand: Saeshin Model: Clinical Micro Motor Set 90-108E
Description:Saeshin Clinical Micro Motor Set (90/ 108E)Features:Right & Left turning ability.Foot on/off switch.Key Specifications:Mini-compact designLess-vibrationStandard carbon brush motorBasic ModelTech Info:RPM : max 35,000 rpmTorque : 280 gf.cmInput : 100,110/220, 240V (50/60 Hz)Output : D..
र 3,840
Ex Tax:र 3,429
Brand: Saeshin Model: Contra Angle Handpiece ACL B-01C
Contra Angle Button TypeMax 35,000rpmErgonomic DesignAutoclavableCA Bur (Ø2.35)..
र 4,420
Ex Tax:र 3,946
Brand: Saeshin Model: Contra Angle Handpiece ACL-01C
Contra Angle Lever TypeMax 30,000rpmErgonomic DesignAutoclavableCA Bur (Ø2.35)..
र 3,840
Ex Tax:र 3,429
Brand: Saeshin Model: ENDO E CUBE
Description:Saeshin Endo Cube endomotor is used in the shaping of the root canals during endodontic treatment. The endomotor has speed of 100-800 rpm along with stable torque supply. This endomotor comes with foot on/off switch and has gear ratio  1:1, 4:1, 10:1, 16:1, 20:1. The endo cube gives..
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Ex Tax:र 32,321
Brand: Saeshin Model: OZ Black - Brush Less Motor
Details:Desktop typestrong torque at low speedVerticle/Horizontal placementTech Info:RPM : max 50,000rpmTorque : 7.8N.cmInput : 100~120, 220~240V (50/60HzOutput : 230VRight & Left turning abilityHand/Foot speed control systemSelf-diagnosis, Error display, Work memory..
र 45,000
Ex Tax:र 40,179
Brand: Saeshin Model: Piezo Implant Engine Traus SUS10
Description:Saeshin SUS 10 combines ultrasonic and rotary technologies to be used in diverse clinical areas, specially applies for Dental implantology and Piezo surgery with dual function. The ultrasonic handpiece is active only on hard tissue, and non-invasive on soft tissue so that it greatly resu..
र 452,900
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