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Unibrand China

Ceramic Porcelain Brushes
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Brand: Unibrand China Model: Ceramic Porcelain Brushes
Chinese Quality Porcelain Brushes for Build-upAvailable Sizes: 0,2,4,6,8Alias : Build up brush, brushes, build up brushes, porcelain brush, bk medent porcelain brushes, bk medent brush, build up brush set, brush set, lab brushes, ceramic brush, ceramic porcelain brush, brus, kolinsky ..
र 336
Ex Tax:र 300
Brand: Unibrand China Model: Dental Casting Crucibles
Casing Crucible for Casting Preciuos and Semi-Precious MetalsPackaging: 1Pc/Pack..
र 504
Ex Tax:र 450
Brand: Unibrand China Model: Dental Model Die Pins
Single Pins1000 Pins of Brass with 1000 Plastic Sleeves..
र 3,584
Ex Tax:र 3,200
Brand: Unibrand China Model: Dental Wax Caliper
Metal Caliper for measuring thickness of Wax PattersPackaging: Pack of 1..
र 475
Ex Tax:र 424
Brand: Unibrand China Model: Easy Vac Bleaching Sheets
Item Description:1.Good quality splint retainer sheets for mouth hard night guard2. No Bubbles..
र 1,500
Ex Tax:र 1,271
Brand: Unibrand China Model: Hinge Articulator
Chinese made Top Quality Simple Hinge Type Articulator Available in S , M , L ..
र 200
Ex Tax:र 179
Brand: Unibrand China Model: Micromotor Cord
Spare Parts of MicromotorPackaging: Pack of 1..
र 364
Ex Tax:र 325
Brand: Unibrand China Model: Splint Retainer Bleeching Sheet
Item Description:1. Good quality splint retainer sheets for mouth hard night guard2. Thickness Available:1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2mm3. No bubbles..
र 840
Ex Tax:र 712
Brand: Unibrand China Model: Wax Pot
Dental Lab Equipment Dental wax pot dipping potEasy OperationTemperature Adjustable from 0~150 DegreePower 300 W3 Different PotsAlias : Dental wax pot, dental instrument, dental lab instrument, wax heater...
र 1,750
Ex Tax:र 1,750
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