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Brand: PUREXA Model: Advanced Ulcer Gel
Why Advanced Ulcer Gel?PUREXA Advanced Ulcer gel has been formulated for patient’s convenience to rapidly heal the ulcer when used by the power of 3 i.e. use 3 times a day for 3 days for it being maximum effective. The medicated gel formula provides instant relief & quickly heals the pain caused..
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Brand: PUREXA Model: Antioxidant Mouthrinse
Why Antioxidant Mouthrinse?Antioxidants are redefining oral care. Research shows they play a key role in regulating oral health. Accumulation of free radicals from use of alcohol-based products, nicotine, fried food products, medicines & even air pollutants can lead to a condition called “oxidat..
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Brand: PUREXA Model: Bamboo Charcoal Tooth Brush
Why Bamboo brush & not Plastic brushes ?7 Billion toothbrushes are ending up in landfills each year. This generates approximately 4.8 kg of plastic waste per person. So, we decided to do something about it! We are using one of the world’s fastest naturally renewing resource, which is also anti-b..
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Brand: PUREXA Model: Healthy Gum Care Toothpaste
Why Healthy Gums Toothpaste?Herbs and their beneficial properties have been safely and effectively used in oral care for thousands of years. Botanicals are powerful in minimizing harmful oral bacteria, combating bad breath, and promoting healthy teeth and gums.PUREXA-HEALTHY GUMS toothpaste is an ad..
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Herbal Gum Astringent
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Brand: PUREXA Model: Herbal Gum Astringent
Why Herbal Gum Astringent?Once a patient has undergone dental prophylaxis, Purexa Herbal Gum Astringent, available with the goodness of herbs, helps them maintain healthy gums, provides timely and effective relief in conditions like spongy & bleeding gums, gingivitis, etc. Delivers best results ..
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Brand: PUREXA Model: Herbal Sensitive Toothpaste
Why Sensitive Herbal Toothpaste?Tooth sensitivity is normally an indication of underlying issues like weakened enamel, recessed gums, or cavities. Under such circumstances, using PUREXA SENSITIVE toothpaste, for mild to moderate sensitive teeth, is a good idea. It treats your pain & sensitivity ..
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Peroxide Mouthrinse
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Brand: PUREXA Model: Peroxide Mouthrinse
Why Peroxide Mouthrinse?Due to the increased concerns of Dentists about keeping the oral cavity bacteria free before starting dental procedures, there’s been a significant increase in the number of mouthwash products containing hydrogen peroxide as a Pre-Procedural Rinse. Hydrogen peroxide helps kil..
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Brand: PUREXA Model: Probiotic Toothpaste
Why Probiotic Toothpaste?Probiotics, also known as friendly bacteria, have numerous health benefits that extend beyond the gastrointestinal health. A promising area of research has opened doors for the use of probiotics for oral health, as an effective means of fighting cavities, gum diseases, plaqu..
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