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Contax Intro Kit DMG by Dental Trade Mart

Contax Intro Kit DMG by Dental Trade Mart
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Self-etching and self-conditioning adhesive system


Light-curing adhesive system for light-cured composites, compomers to be used on enamel and dentine. By adding the Contax-Activator the adhesive system can be used with all self-and dual-curing restorative materials, but still has to be light-cured Advantages . No additional etching with phosphoric acid . Etching, priming and bonding are effected in only two steps.Reliable depth of demineralisation . Long-lasting restorations . High shear bond strength . Water- based pimer . No postoperative sensibilities

Better safe than sorry.

  • No additional etching with phosphoric acid
  • Priming and bonding are effected in only two steps
  • Secure long-term adhesion because of separate priming step
  • Reliable depth of demineralization
  • Very technique tolerant
  • No postoperative sensitivities
  • Compatible with all commercially available materials

Contax is a light-curing, self-etching, and self-conditioning adhesive system that ensuresa high level of protection from sensitivities – deliberately in two treatment steps.

A preliminary etching step is not required since this is done by the carboxylic acid contained in the Primer. Primer and Bond are separate components and can thus optimally fulfill their respective functions. The excellent resultant bonding properties are markedly superior to one-component adhesives. Thanks to the integrated etching step and the water-based Primer, 

the system is very tolerant regarding the applied technique and prevents postoperative sensitivities in the patient. 

You couldn’t be any more careful with your patient’s health.

Technique tolerance

Contax-Primer is self-etching and self-conditioning on enamel and dentine. Since over-etching is not possible, 

a reliable bond can be ensured at all times.

Because of its water-based and easy-to-use Primer, Contax is very tolerant regarding the applied technique compared to other systems and does not cause over-drying.

With the special pre-treatment the sensitive collagen fiber network is optimally prepared for the bonding agent. 

The smear layer is dissolved and modified, thus enabling reproducible and reliable adhesion results and an almost certain prevention of postoperative sensitivities.

Secure long-term adhesion

Contax-Bond penetrates the prepared hard tissue and forms a so-called »hybrid layer«. With this layer, a solid adhesion with the subsequently applied restorative is achieved, ensuring a reliable and lasting bond.


Thanks to the Activator, Contax can adapt to the curing mode of the respective filling material and can thus be used in combination with lightcuring and, by adding the Activator, also with self-curing and dual-curing restoratives. 

The Activator is only necessary when the material used is not light-cured.

The mixture consisting of a drop each of Activator and Bond is worked into the cavity.The addition of the Contax-Activator ensures a solid adhesion in the boundary layer between the self-curing or dual-curing material and the Bond.

Even when used with the Activator, Contax must be light-cured at all times; however, due to its formula, cooling is not required. Contax can be stored at room temperature.

With Contax, practitioners attain excellent and reproducible bonds from the very first application.


Contax is compatible with all commercially available materials. It is wellsuited for use in combination with light-curing filling materials, especiallythe DMG products EcuSphere and Vitique. Used with the Activator,Contax also makes a perfect bonding agent with self-curing and dualcuring materials such as LuxaCore Z-Dual, Vitique (dual-curing variant), and PermaCem-Dual for permanent treatments.

Packaging :-

Intro Kit   

1     Bottle @ 5 ml Contax-Primer    

1     Bottle @ 5 ml Contax-Bond    

25   Single-use brushes White    

25   Single-use brushes Red    

1     Mixing pallet

Product NameContax Intro Kit
Made inGermany
Packaging1 Bottle @ 5 ml Contax-Primer 1 Bottle @ 5 ml Contax-Bond 25 Single-use brushes White 25 Single-use brushes Red 1 Mixing pallet
Warranty / Guarantee100% Genuine product
Shipping Time2-3 Working Days
Payment ModeCredit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, Cash on Delivery

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