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Coe Pack
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Brand: GC Model: Coe Pack
Periodontal Dressing Acrylic temporary relining material to buffer masticatory pressure for partial and full dentures.Characteristics & Benefits•  Optimal fit of denture•  Avoids tissue irritation•  Neutral taste•  Excellent tolerability•  For long term temporary relinin..
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Elite Cement 100
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Brand: GC Model: Elite Cement 100
Zinc Phosphate Cement. Indications: - liner - bridge cementation, crown, inlayPacking: 35 gr 1-1 minipack powder, 30 grams of liquid Powder 125g Liquid 100 g..
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Brand: GC Model: EQUIA Forte
Bulk fill glass hybrid restorative for patients from 7 until 77 and beyondEQUIA Forte is the next innovation in GC's glass ionomer and resin technologies with EQUIA Forte Fill and EQUIA Forte Coat, working in synergy. United they build a stronger, superior posterior bulk fill material. This unique r..
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Brand: GC Model: EVERSTICK
Strength like never beforeRELIABLE – EASY TO USE – MINIMALLY INVASIVE – EXTRA STRONG – AESTHETIC – SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN – COST EFFECTIVEEverStick glass fiber reinforcements have been developed to provide solutions for modern, patient-friendly dentistry. everStick fiber reinforcements are made of si..
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EverX Posterior
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Brand: GC Model: EverX Posterior
Fiber Reinforced Composite For Dentine ReplacementGC everX Posterior is a fibre-reinforced composite designed to be used as dentine replacement, in conjunction with conventional a composite such as G-ænial Posterior used as enamel replacement. The short fibres of GC everX Posterior will make it a pe..
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FLEXCEED Rubber Base Putty
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Brand: GC Model: FLEXCEED Rubber Base Putty
GC FLEXCEEDExceeds Your Expectation!With High Initial Hydrophilicity & Viscosity GC FLEXCEED gets pushed into the sub-gingival area to register details. The flow of FLEXCEED Putty-Wash is better than any other brands.More hydrophilicHighest tear strengthDisplaces moistureCaptures critical detail..
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Brand: GC Model: FREEGENOL™
Temporary CementFREEGENOL is a patented, non-eugenol temporary cement. It is completely compatible and safe to use with acrylic resin materials, as well as plastic provisional materials. Biocompatible with tooth structure and soft tissue, FREEGENOL is easy to use and mixes to a smooth, creamy consis..
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Brand: GC Model: G-BOND™
Advanced Seventh Generation BondingG-BOND is a new, revolutionary 7th Generation (single component) adhesive that takes the guesswork out of bonding. The unique combination of Phosphoric Acid Ester Monomer and 4-MET Adhesive Technology creates superior etch and adhesion to enamel, in addition to pro..
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G-CEM LinkAce
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Brand: GC Model: G-CEM LinkAce
A New Generation of Self-Adhesive Resin Luting CementNo matter what your restorative option is, you will always find a good reason to choose "G-CEM LinkAce"Self-Adhesive Resin Luting Cement In Automix DeliveryGC G-CEM LinkAce is a dual-cure self-adhesive universal resin cement delivered in double ba..
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G-Premio BOND
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Brand: GC Model: G-Premio BOND
One-Component Light-Cured Universal AdhesiveBelieve in zero compromisesG-Premio BOND is a one-bottle universal bonding compatible with all etching modes and which can be used not only for direct bonding, but also for repair & hypersensitivity treatment. Moreover, GC wants to offer this ease of u..
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G-ænial Anterior Posterior
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Brand: GC Model: G-ænial Anterior Posterior
Capturing the genius of natureCreate æ-motion with the all-round restorative for straightforward invisible restorationsIntroducing the age-specific shade selection system. Are you looking for the most effortless way to create invisibility in your restorations? The search is over. GC presents G-aenia..
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G-ænial Universal Composite Anterior
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Brand: GC Model: G-ænial Universal Composite Anterior
Effortlessly beautiful restorations achieved with this all-round composite restorative materialG-ænial is created with natural beauty forefront in mind, so that clinicians have a composite with superior aesthetics and exceptional shade matching ability that will allow single shade restorations to bl..
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