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G-ænial Universal Composite Anterior GC Rs.2,691.05 by Dental Trade Mart

G-ænial Universal Composite Anterior GC Nano Hybrid Composites Rs.2,691.05
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G-ænial Universal Composite Anterior GC Rs.2,691.05 by Dental Trade Mart
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Effortlessly beautiful restorations achieved with this all-round composite restorative material

G-ænial is created with natural beauty forefront in mind, so that clinicians have a composite with superior aesthetics and exceptional shade matching ability that will allow single shade restorations to blend seamlessly with the tooth.

A universal composite that acknowledges that anterior and posterior teeth are different – they have subtle optical differences and they present different placement challenges

G-ænial ANTERIOR features enhanced light scattering abilities, to bring a more natural vitality and exceptional shade matching for superior anterior aesthetics. Its handling is designed so that clinicians have total control to shape, flow and sculpt.

G-ænial POSTERIOR introduces shades with a deeper concentration of colour, to better match the optical properties of posterior teeth. Its handling is designed to be firmer and more packable yet still flows and adapts well to the cavity walls


G-ænial is a high strength, radiopaque, low shrinkage stress composite. Both ANTERIOR and POSTERIOR shades have universal application (ANTERIOR shades can be used in posterior and vice versa)



  • Natural reflectivity creates invisibility
  • Forward-thinking shading concept
  • Easy Handling
  • Good polishability
  • Simplified follow-ups
  • Tough and flexible


  • G-ænial Anterior
  • Direct restorative for class II, IV, V cavities
  • For wedge-shaped defects and root surface cavities
  • For veneers and diastema closure

Unique Composition

G-ænial blends and becomes aesthetically invisible because of its diverse composition, which mimics the reflective capabilities of a natural tooth.

Forward-thinking shading concept

The range of restorative materials that are currently available on the market do not always suit the way in which dentists work nowadays. Often, a compromise must be made between aesthetics and simplicity. Now, you don't have to settle for less and can offer your patients the very best aesthetic restorations with one shade, by using G-ænial from GC.

Aesthetic results for more demanding cases using 2 or 3 shades are now also possible with the help of an advanced shading system that was designed with G-ænial. This means that even layering is simplified.

Standard Shades

Special Shades

Although for the majority of cases, excellent aesthetics can be achieved with just a single shade; there may be times when a multi-shade technique is preferred, such as when extensive restoration is required. The G-ænial range offers two types of additional shades to choose from, called Special Shades which are placed underneath (Inside shades) or on top (Outside shades) of a Standard Shade.

Outside Special Shades - to replace enamel

A common technique in restorative dentistry is to relate the colour and translucency of the natural enamel to the age of the patient. The choice of the enamel shade is made accordingly:

Junior Enamel for young patients

Adult Enamel for adult patients

Senior Enamel for senior patients

Outside Special Shades - to create specific visual effects:

Translucent Enamel simulates a depth-effect in restorations.

Incisal Enamel can be applied on the enamel occlusal third and proximal surfaces, particularly with young patients.

Cervical Enamel offers the right translucency to let the darker cervical dentin shine through.

Inside Special Shades - to add opacity

These are opaque shades which are placed underneath a Standard Shade to add warmth to the final colour and eradicate the characteristic 'dark shine' throughout the mouth. Available only in the G-ænial Anterior version there are three Inside Special Shades:



G-aenial ANTERIOR                                                                                         

Content per syringe 2.7ml (4.7g)                           

Standard: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4,                                                                            

Inside special: AO2, AO3                     

Outside special: JE, AE, SE

Product Name G-ænial Universal Composite Anterior
Brand GC
Made in Japan
Use For Filling of Composites
Category Nano Hybrid Composites
Packaging Syringe 2.7ml (4.7g)
Warranty / Guarantee 100% Genuine product
Shipping Time 2-3 Working Days
Payment Mode Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, Cash on Delivery

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