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Brand: Lab-Master Model: Synthetic Porcelain Brush
Brush No. 10Packaging: 1 BrushAlias : Build up brush, brushes, build up brushes, porcelain brush, kolinsky brush, kolinsky brushes, kolinsky pocelain brush, build up brush set, brush set, lab brushes, ceramic brush, smoothing brush, smoothing brushes, ceramic porcelain brush, brus, kolinsky bru..
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Brand: Renfert Model: Takanishi Brushes
Synthetic bristle brushVery high quality synthetic bristle brush which has been well proven for many years for the optimal porcelain build-up.AdvantagesThe brush tip remains stable.Highly flexible brush bristles.Ideal for reducing porcelain.Available sizes : 6 & 8Packaging: 2 Brushes..
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