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J Bond Ga - Cobalt-chromium alloys Metal
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Brand: RUBY Model: J Bond Ga - Cobalt-chromium alloys Metal
Description: Risk to generate bubble or crack in forming porcelain is reduced by manufacturing products based on vacuum melting furnace.Adjustability has been enhanced by utilizing solidification expansion, a property of gallium to ease solidification contraction of cobalt chrome.Refining cryst..
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J Crown - Cobalt-chromium alloys Metal
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Brand: RUBY Model: J Crown - Cobalt-chromium alloys Metal
Description: It’s a cobalt-chrome alloy developed for crown and bridge.Stable mechanical properties are provided by manufacturing it using vacuum furnace.Dispelling notions for conventional cobalt-chrome alloy by a hardness of 260Hv0.5 , technical operability is provided which is equivalent of ..
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Brand: Bego Model: Wirobond C Metal
DescriptionChrome cobalt metal-ceramic alloy - nickel-free, beryllium-free.Biocompatibility and high corrosion resistance thanks to firmly adhering passive layer.Biocompatibility certified.Modulus of elasticity double that of precious metals.High bonding strength with ceramics.High heat resistance.L..
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Brand: Bego Model: Wironium Plus Alloy
DescriptionChrome cobalt partial denture alloyPartial dentures par excellence.Universal alloy for fixed-removable restorations and clasp-retained dentures.Consistent further development of top-rate alloy WIRONIUM®.Modified composition for the highest demands.Higher proof stress and tensile strength...
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