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Brand: Renfert Model: Bison Polisher Brushes 100 Pcs.
This unique mixture of bristles ensures a powerful and quick high-lustre polish on alloys, porcelain and acrylic facings.AdvantagesLong service-life thanks to dense, firm bristle arrangement.Particularly suitable for polishing occlusal surfaces and interdental spaces.Excellent take-up of polishing p..
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Brand: SHOFU Model: Ceramage Polishing Kit HP
Description:A specially designed kit for systematic polishing of indirect composite materials such as Ceramage micro-ceramic indirect composite.Features:The Fissure carbide bur is specially designed with a unique trigonal pyramid shaped tip or perfect pointed-end for anatomical carving of pit & ..
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Ceramic Technique System Kit HP
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Brand: SHOFU Model: Ceramage Polishing Kit HP
Description:Shofu Ceramic Technique System Kit HP is designed to provide dental technicians with the right abrasive instruments for the precision workFor adjusting, gross reduction, trimming, finishing and polishing of metal-ceramic restorationsHigh quality abrasive instruments have been specially s..
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Cotton Buff
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Brand: Renfert Model: Cotton Buff
For high-luster polish on acrylic teeth and facings using the handpiece.AdvantagesOptimum take-up of polishing paste, no sticking.Long service life.Packaging: Size: 22mm12 Pcs..
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Description:Vitrified-bonded diamond abrasive, the diamond version of a carborundum point, is designed for contouring porcelains and ceramic copings with superior results. Dura-Green DIA provides enhanced performance with a smoother, chipless cut versus silicon carbide or diamond burs. Densely packe..
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Brand: Renfert Model: Renfert Polish All in One
Diamond polishing pastesDiamond polishing pastes for universal application and specific use, for high-gloss polishing of ceramic materials such as lithium disilicate, zirconium oxide, veneering and hybrid ceramics, as well as high performance polymers and veneering composites.Packaging: 10g..
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Saphir High-Luster Polishing Paste
7-8 Days
Brand: Renfert Model: Saphir High-Luster Polishing Paste
High-luster polishing pasteHigh-luster polishing paste for precious metal and chrome-cobalt alloy crowns and bridges.AdvantagesSpecial formula made up of high quality raw materials.For general use on all alloys.Optimum polishing effect with Polisoft pre-polishers and Bison brushes.Packaging:250g&nbs..
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Brand: Renfert Model: Silicone Polisher
For pre-polishing porcelain and metal.AdvantagesNo smear build-up on porcelain.Ideal for the transition between metal and porcelain.Packaging:Size : 22mm100 Pcs..
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