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Brand: VITA Model: AKZENT Plus Powder Fluid 20ml
AKZENT Plus Powder Fluid – VITA AKZENT Plus Powder Fluid can be used to mix all VITA AKZENT Plus powder materials and obtain a moldable mixture with a paste-like consistency.Packaging - 20 ml..
र 1,120 र 1,400
Ex Tax:र 1,000
Brand: Dentsply Model: Ceramco 3 Modelling Liquid
Description:Modelling Liquids are mixed with porcelain powders enabling you to achieve more "plastic-like" cosistency if these liquids are used rather than distilled water. Packaging: 100ml...
र 1,600
Ex Tax:र 1,429
Brand: Dentsply Model: Ceramco 3 Stain and Glaze Liquid
Description:Ceramco 3 is a complete mix of porcelain-metal system that is designed in accordance with the unrivaled tradition of DENTSPLY / Ceramco 3 ceramics technology, which combines the reliability of products with excellent natural aesthetics.The research and scientific team in the USA took pat..
र 1,850 र 2,000
Ex Tax:र 1,652
Brand: BAOT Model: Glaze Stain Liquid
Description:The liquid is mixed with glaze,stain powder,to be ready for applying on surface of dentine layer to get natural enamel.Packaging: 50ml...
र 1,000 र 1,360
Ex Tax:र 893
Brand: Ivoclar-Vivadent Model: IPS Classic Build-Up Liquid
Description:A liquid intended for technicians who apply ceramic material in small portions with a brush. It improves work stability and gives extraordinary properties during modeling. Build-Up N is especially designed for those who prefer a wet consistency when modeling without a permanent draining...
र 1,080
Ex Tax:र 964
Brand: Ivoclar-Vivadent Model: IPS Classic Glaze and Stain Liquid
Description:Designed to thin glaze paste and to characterize stains.Packaging : 15 ml...
र 882 र 921
Ex Tax:र 788
Brand: Ivoclar-Vivadent Model: IPS Classic Powder Opaquer Liquid
Description:IPS InLine System Powder Opaquer Liquid 250ml..
र 3,304 र 3,696
Ex Tax:र 2,950
Brand: Ivoclar-Vivadent Model: IPS e.max Ceram Zirliner Liquid Allround
Description:The IPS e.max Ceram ZirLiner Build-Up Liquid allround is exclusively used to mix the IPS e.max Ceram ZirLiner powders.Packaging : 60 ml..
र 2,160 र 2,231
Ex Tax:र 1,929
Brand: Ivoclar-Vivadent Model: IPS Ivocolor Essence
Characteristics:IPS Ivolocor is a system of masses of make-up and glazing.Used for the injection CAD and stratification ceramics of Ivoclar Vivadent and the Wieland Dental Zenostar concision.Now, thanks to IPS Ivocolor, the dental professionals just need one kit to customize and glaze their restorat..
र 1,595 र 1,694
Ex Tax:र 1,424
Brand: Ivoclar-Vivadent Model: IPS Ivocolor Mixing Liquid Longlife
Description:IPS Ivocolor is a universal range of Stain and Glaze materials for the press, CAD and layering ceramics from Ivoclar Vivadent and the Zenostar® zirconia materials from Wieland Dental. Now dental technicians only need one assortment to customize and glaze their restorations. This allows y..
र 2,640 र 2,739
Ex Tax:र 2,357
Brand: Ivoclar-Vivadent Model: IPS PressVest Premium Liquid
Description:Its high stability permits the processing of materials with different expansion behavior including milled and printed wax or resin as well as conventional build-up wax.  Additional benefits include minimal reaction layer and highly accurate details and fit.Packaging : 1 Ltr...
र 3,720 र 4,236
Ex Tax:र 3,321
Brand: BAOT Model: Modeling Liquid 240 ml.
Description:For mixing the opacious dentine dentine,enamel,transparent,margin,cervical,gingiva powder.Make the excellent stability characteristics possible during layering.Packaging: 240 ml...
र 1,200
Ex Tax:र 1,071
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