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Acrylic Composites Tool Kit 300227
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Brand: DFS Model: Acrylic Composites Tool Kit 300227
SPECIAL ASSORTMENTS OF TOOLS FOR DIFFERENT ALLOYS, COMPOSITES, ACRYLICS AND MILLING TECHNIQUES.CONTENTS- Ceramic brushes Order-no.: … 41000-0 size „00“ 41000 size „0“ 41001 size „01“ 41002 size „02“ 41003 size „03“ 41004 size „04“ 41005 size „05“ 41006 size „06“ 41007 size „07“ 41008 size „08“ 41009..
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Arti-Fol Forcep Approximal Contacts BK 145
New -26 %
Brand: BAUSCH Model: Arti-Fol Forcep Approximal Contacts BK 145
The Arti-Fol® forceps, designed by Dr. Müller, is intended for the fast and accurate fitting of restorations. The innovative and user-friendly design makes the product far easier to handle compared with conventional test methods.The high clamping force of the forceps tightens the occlusion film on t..
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Articulating Paper-Forceps Miller Type BK 142
New -17 %
Brand: BAUSCH Model: Articulating Paper-Forceps Miller Type BK 142
We recommend the self-clamping Arti-Fol® pincers (BK 132) with molded longitudinal nut for holding our articulating – occlusion papers and films.*The Arti-Fol Forceps BK 132 is not available in the U.S.A.Packaging : 1 Pc..
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Brand: BAUSCH Model: Bausch Fleximeter Strips Assorted
1,0/1,5/2,0 mmFleximeter-Strips are a useful innovation for the dentist and technician alike. These strips are flexible measuring instruments in three different thicknesses. They measure the height of the preparation on grinding teeth for restoration (e.g. crowns, bridges or telescopic crowns). The ..
र 420
Ex Tax:र 375
Bausch Paper Forceps Curved BK 133
New -17 %
Brand: BAUSCH Model: Bausch Paper Forceps Curved BK 133
Our Flexible Bite Fork system comprises two curved forceps (BK 133) and a rubber handle (BK 130). The forceps are easily inserted into the rubber handle and can be moved. The bite fork is particularly suitable for holding the thinnest occlusion paper in the curve (BK 11 and BK 12) or for use with ou..
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Ceramic Tool Kit 300137
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Brand: DFS Model: Ceramic Tool Kit 300137
SPECIAL ASSORTMENTS OF TOOLS FOR DIFFERENT ALLOYS, COMPOSITES, ACRYLICS AND MILLING TECHNIQUES.CONTENTS- 01 60042608 3’-30000 rpm 02 60110258 3’-30000 rpm 03 60199258 3’-30000 04 60250168 3’-30000 rpm 05 60166189S 3’-30000 rpm 06 60225188 3’-30000 rpm 07 60001238 3’-30000 rpm 08 60001148 3’-30000 pm..
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Ceramosonic S Condenser
-12 %
Brand: SHOFU Model: Ceramosonic S Condenser
Ultrasonic condensing unit for porcelain build-upThe Ceramosonic S generates high-frequency vibrations (28,000 vibrations / sec), thereby providing a directed condensation of moist porcelain particles, while the built-up layer with all details remains unchanged. Compared to a manual or mechanical co..
र 50,736 र 57,960
Ex Tax:र 45,300
Crown Master 12019 Crown Master 12019
-17 %
Brand: DFS Model: Crown Master 12019
Content: 1 pc..
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Crowny Crown Holder 70004
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Brand: DFS Model: Crowny Crown Holder 70004
Description:The elegant crown holder for the demanding ceramist • Including diamond insertsContent: 1 pc..
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Brand: Indian Model: Curved Spatula
Plaster spatula is a broad bladed spatula which is use to mix plaster of paris in an efficient way. There are two types of plaster spatula- straight spatula and curved spatula.Curved spatula is similar to the straight spatula but the only difference is that it has slightly curved blade which helps i..
र 28
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Dental Dappen Dish
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Brand: Jabbar and Company Model: Dental Dappen Dish
Description:Good Quality Dappen Dish used in Clinical and LaboratoryPackaging: 1 Pc..
र 25
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Brand: Chinese Model: Dental Vibrator
Dental Vibrator For Clinical and Laboratorical use. A clinically gadget to settle the Diestone and Green Stone in models.Variable speed control knob.110v 60Hz US Specification.Non-slip table top...
र 3,360
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