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Brand: VOCO Model: Rebilda DC Set
Dual-curing flowable core build-up and post luting systemAdvantages• Light-curing for time-saving application• Additional chemical curing for reliable processing• Available in 10 g QuickMix syringes and 50 g cartridge• In three shades:• blue for easy identification of preparation margins• dentine fo..
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Admira Fusion Flow
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Brand: VOCO Model: Admira Fusion Flow
Flowable light-cured Nano-Hybrid Ormocer (ORganically-MOdified CERamic)Indications• Filling of classes III-V cavaties• Lining or coating of cavities• Filling of small cavities and extended fissure sealing• Repairing fillings, veneers and temporary restorations• Luting translucent prosthetic pieces• ..
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Brand: SHOFU Model: Beautifil Flow
A unique flowable restorative material developed in two distinct viscosities Beautifil Flow F02 (Low Flow) and F10 (High Flow) while maintaining the same aesthetics, physical properties, filler load and particle size.Features • BEAUTIFIL Flow F02 – created to offer moderate flow while retaining..
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Charisma Flow Syringe Refill
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Brand: Heraeus Kulzer Model: Charisma Flow Syringe Refill
DescriptionCharisma Flow is the ideal flowable supplement to our microhybrid composite Charisma Classic. Its low viscosity and good thixotropy makes it the ideal choice for many indications like cavity lining, fissure sealing and minimal invasive fi llings. The Charisma Flow Baseliner is a white and..
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Charisma Smart Kit
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Brand: Heraeus Kulzer Model: Charisma Smart Kit
DescriptionCharisma Smart provides the smart way towards natural everyday restorations. It is an uncomplicated universal composite for everyday restorations with great value.It is developed with light-curing, radiopaque filling material to cover your requirements for composite workability.Key Specif..
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Brand: VOCO Model: Clip Flow
Flowable, light-curing filling material for temporary restorationsAdvantages• Easy to place – easy to remove in one piece• No damage to preparation boundaries• Durable and saliva-proof• Non-adhesive• Time-saving through light-curing• Elastic• FlowableIndications• Temporary inlay and onlay treatments..
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Compo Flo
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Brand: D-Tech Model: Compo Flo
FeaturesLow ShrinkageHighly BiocompatibleHigh Flexural strengthHigh Compressive strengthIndication for UseClass III to V restorations.Restoration of deciduous teeth.Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparationsRepair of small defects in aesthetic indirect restorationsRepair of resin and acry..
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Brand: ITENA Model: DENTOLIC - Glass Fiber Post Refills
IndicationsOptimal cosmetic solution for prosthetic restorations\Single ceramic restorations incorporating glass-fiber posts in the laboratoryDirect restorations with glass-fiber postAdvantagesElasticity modulus similar to dentineFavourable constraint: deformation ratio for the tooth. Homogenous dis..
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Estelite Flow - Quick L Syringe
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Brand: Tokuyama Model: Estelite Flow - Quick L Syringe
ESTELITE® FLOW QUICK is a low viscosity (Medium Flow), light cured, radiopaque, submicron filled resin composite. ESTELITE® FLOW QUICK is designed for use with both anterior and posterior restorations. ESTELITE® FLOW QUICK adopts patented Radical Amplified Photopolymerization initiator technology (R..
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Brand: 3M-ESPE Model: Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable Restorative - Refills
The bulk fill flowable composite that's fast and strong, with nearly twice the wear resistance of leading bulk fill flowables. Features:Up to 50% stronger than the leading bulk fill flowable.Nearly twice the wear resistance of leading bulk fill flowables.Choice of deliveries: easy-to-use capsul..
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Brand: Medicept Model: FLOW PLUS
Flowable Light Cure CompositeFEATURES:Flow Plus Flowable Light Cure Composite Material is a highly polishable, 67% filled, esthetic composite used for all types of cavity preparation.The Composite has a nominal particle size of 0.7 micron. An ideal choice for both anterior and posterior applications..
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Fusion Flo Combo Kit
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Brand: Prevest Denpro Model: Fusion Flo Combo Kit
Description:Fusion Flo is an excellent flowable composite that delivers high strength & wear resistance. It is characterized by optimum surface affinity, penetrates into most difficult area. It combines esthetics as well as flow on demand handling for useProduct Benefits:* Optimal flowability* H..
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