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D Finders Files
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Brand: Mani Model: D Finders Files
Mani Original Endodontic D-Finders Files..
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Dia-X Files
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Brand: Diadent Model: Dia-X Files
HEAT TREATED NITI ROTARY FILESDia-X Rotary Files are comparable to the popular rotary file system in the market today. It provide 143%+ the resistance to cyclic fatigue than Dia-PT Rotary Files. Dia-X Files feature the same exact geometries as Dia-PT Rotary Files; however, the heat treated premium n..
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Brand: Diadent Model: Diadent H Files
Description:STAINLESS STEEL HAND FILESExceeds all ISO/ADA specifications.Stainless steel files with endo stops.Colour coded to save time.Ground from Stainless Steel wire.The flute depth increases with the taper, creating a sharper, more flexible instrument.Packaging: Pack of 6 Files..
र 300
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Brand: Diadent Model: Diadent K Files
DESCRIPTION:Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finished edges with high ductility make for excellent working characteristics.The hard-fiber stainless steel prevents corrosion after repeated cleaning and sterilization.FEATURES:-This is the dental file with shank used for enlarging root canal.It is..
र 300
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Brand: Mani Model: Gate Drills 32mm 1~6
Material: Stainless steel Length: 32mm Package: 6pcs/boxSize: 1-6#..
र 487
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Brand: Mani Model: H Files
Mani Original Endodontic H-Files..
र 200 र 240
Ex Tax:र 179
K Files
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Brand: Mani Model: K Files
Mani Original Endodontic K-Files..
र 185 र 240
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Brand: Dentsply Model: M-Access H-Files
Dentsply M-Access H-Files is made with precision and quality to enhance your expertise with stainless steel files. This H-file has ergonomically designed handle and the M-access can be used to complete the root canal shaping procedure manually or in combination with NiTi rotary files. The comprehens..
र 240 र 330
Ex Tax:र 214
M-Access K-Files M-Access K-Files
Hot -27 %
Brand: Dentsply Model: M-Access K-Files
Dentsply M Access K Files are stainless steel dental k files used in endodontics. The cross sections of the dentsply k files are square from sizes 6  - 40 and triangular from size 45 onwards. The recommended motion of action for the k files is clockwise with rotation and half turn twists. The c..
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NITIFlex K File NITIFlex K File
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Brand: Dentsply Model: NITIFlex K File
The NiTi K-file has one cutting edge with a 90° angle, with its unique spiral design flutes which it successively increase in depth and length from tip to handle.Specially designed for curved root canals with flexibility, durability, and cutting ability.Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finished..
र 876 र 1,040
Ex Tax:र 782
Brand: Mani Model: Peeso Reamers 32mm 1~6
Material: Stainless SteelPackage: 6pcs/boxSize: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 1-6#Length: 28, 32mm..
र 487
Ex Tax:र 435
Brand: Mani Model: Pluggers
Mani Nickel Titanium Finger Pluggers are available in sizes 15-40 in 21 and 25 mm lengthsPackaging - 6pcs/box..
र 310 र 340
Ex Tax:र 277
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