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Brand: PD Swiss Model: Aluminium Crowns Refill Pack
Prosthetic temporary crown during endo-treatmentType: Hard or softStamped size (N°)Wall thickness : 0.3 mmRefill of 12 piecesAvailable Size: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20..
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Brand: 3M-ESPE Model: Pedo Strip Crown Form
Prefabricated, transparent strip crowns for primary anterior applications. The strip crowns are ideal for use with chemical or light-cured composites.Features and Benefits:Automatically contours restorative material to match natural dentition.Strips off easily leaving a smooth surface.Thin interprox..
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Brand: 3M-ESPE Model: Pedodontic Strip Crown Kit
Different designs of prefabricated metal crowns have been offered to the dental profession over the years ranging from straight sided “bucket” crowns to the anatomically shaped 3M ESPE stainless steel crowns available today. 3M ESPE stainless steel crowns have been designed to accurately duplicate t..
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Polycarbonate Crowns Kit
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Brand: 3M-ESPE Model: Polycarbonate Crowns Kit
Description:Polycarbonate material contours and crimps similar to metal crowns to yield easy adaptation to margins.Made from polycarbonate resin with microglass fibers for strength and durability.Universal shade No. 62 can be adjusted using cements and liners for better esthetics.Ideal for short- or..
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Brand: 3M-ESPE Model: Stainless Steel Crown Permanent Molar
These prefabricated stainless steel crowns are manufactured with life-like height, contour and occlusal surface. They are pre-crimped at the cervical margin for fast and easy placement.Permanent molar set contains 96 crowns in assorted sizes and is packaged in a stackable storage tray.As a leading i..
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Brand: 3M-ESPE Model: Stainless Steel Crowns
Primary Anterior CrownThey are a viable method of single unit temporisation for both short and long term coverage. Benefits of prefabricated crowns include ease-of-use and time savings.Prefabricated stainless steel crowns with proven successful clinical use for short- or long-term pediatric anterior..
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Brand: 3M-ESPE Model: Stainless Steel Crowns - First Permanent Molar
Replacement Crowns3M™ ESPE™ Stainless Steel First Permanent Molar Replacement Crowns offer proven successful clinical use for long-term adult anterior and posterior use. Refills of individual crowns are available in boxes of five.Pre-trimmed, belled and crimped for fast and easy placementAccurately ..
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Brand: 3M-ESPE Model: Stainless Steel Crowns Intro Kit
Primary Molar - Intro Kit ND96As a leading innovator in dental products, 3M™ ESPE™ Stainless Steel Crowns provide reliable solutions that dentists have trusted for decades.3M™ ESPE™ offers a full line of prefabricated stainless steel crowns. They are a proven method of single-unit temporisation for ..
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