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Brand: Indian Model: Lead Apron
Lead Aprons For Radiation ProtectionX-rays provide detailed images of muscles, bones, tissues, and other bodily masses, making it possible to detect fractures, tumors, and other conditions in need of treatment. Although their benefits far outweigh their risks, prolonged exposure to x-rays has been l..
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RVG Sensor Positioner
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Brand: Zahnsply Model: RVG Sensor Positioner
Digital X Ray Film Sensor RVG Sensor Positioner Holder It is used to line the IP board (digital sensors), can be adjusted according to the IP board size.Reduces Patient's Oral Discomfort and Allows for Better Accuracy and Ease of X-ray Taking Procedure.SPECIFICATIONS :-Excellent Sensor Protecti..
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X Ray Positioner
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Brand: Zahnsply Model: X Ray Positioner
For left Maxillary Premolar/Molar, right Mandibular Premolar/Molar;For right Maxillary Premolar/Molar, left Mandibular Premolar/Molar;For Maxillary/Mandibular Incisor.Purpose: During taking picture, it's better to put the film in the exactly position for making the ill tooth image displayed in the m..
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